Young people are often criticized as lazy, narcissistic, and politically apathetic. We at E Pluribus aren’t convinced. We believe in the enormous potential our generation has to mobilize, take action, and change the world. By providing a platform for connecting and engaging young Americans of all backgrounds and viewpoints in politics, we hope to contribute to a more democratic society.

E Pluribus is a youth-led media platform and political action organization empowering young people to create and share actionable content on issues that they care about. Every blog, story, and article published is linked to an opportunity to get directly involved in action - whether it be a petition, phone bank, canvass event, or other action item. We welcome entries from all political perspectives, encourage a strong debate of ideas among our readers, and respectfully challenge all preconceived notions, unfounded claims, and posturing-over-solutions discourse. E Pluribus is strictly post-partisan, and we aim to find common ground among all Americans who want action over politics. 

E Pluribus was founded by Nadya Okamoto, Scott Kall, and Reed Shafer-Ray, all undergraduates and young Americans frustrated by the lack of youth engagement in 2016’s election season. Scott and Nadya created the night of the 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump called #ElectionReactions. They started reaching out to friends on social media and asking people to write their feelings down and send them in. Two days later, nearly 400 submissions had been sent from students across the country. After posting their pieces, Scott and Nadya heard feedback that having their stories told on such a platform made them feel heard and empowered to do more. Since, the E Pluribus board has grown to seven board members and over twenty regular contributors.

Young Americans have been thought of as missing in action for too long. We at E Pluribus hope you share your voice with us and use this platform as a catalyst for action -  not only to unleash the true potential of our generation, but to regain the place young Americans have in the future of this country.

The posts on this website were written by our users in their personal capacity. The opinions expressed in these articles are the authors' own and do not reflect the organizational views of E Pluribus.

We are always striving to improve our platform and are hungry for constructive feedback - any feedback and suggestions can be sent to