Tomi Lahren Criticized Left and Right

By Angie Zhang (Nasty Woman)

          Recently, conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren declared herself to be pro-choice. Because of this statement, which strays from her otherwise conservative beliefs and association with the far right, Lahren has been suspended from The Blaze, a conservative television network she had been working at. Laren has also been scrutinized from both conservatives and liberals alike since the occurrence. But does she deserve it? 
           Liberals tend to think so. Lahren is openly racist and anti-feminist, comparing Black Lives Matter to the Ku Klux Klan, in addition to appearing as an agitator towards Democrats, whom she condescendingly refers to as “special snowflakes.” Just because she made one “feminist” comment about a woman’s rights to her own body, doesn’t automatically make her worthy of praise. Abortion is a basic human right that all women should have access to, and supporting a woman’s right to make that choice ought to be a given. The very notion that Lahren should be sympathized with just because she’s pro-choice, completely neglects every other problematic thing she has ever said or done. Additionally, women are supporting Lahren because they feel that they understand the way she’s been “oppressed,” so to speak. However, the idea that all women should get along because they are women is an outdated way of thinking. Yes, Lahren took a stand for reproductive rights-- but that’s not the only thing feminism should be about. What about transgender women who don’t have vaginas and uteruses? Has Lahren ever took a stand for them? In this day and age, feminism must be intersectional to be valid, and Lahren has never advocated for women of color, queer women, disabled women, or transgender women. Praising her solely for her pro-choice comments only erases the aspect of intersectionality and further pushes the concept of white feminism. 
          Conservatives, on the other hand, also think Lahren deserves the scrutiny, but for different reasons. While it is no surprise that a conservative network would want to ban one of its hosts for taking the Democrats’ side on the issue of abortion, Lahren’s suspension from The Blaze does actually demonstrate the harsh reality of being a young woman in the political sphere-- especially being affiliated with conservative media outlets, who typically aren’t known to advocate for women’s rights. Lahren is only 24, and is already a successful and famous television and online show host. Furthermore, her youth and appearance have, in part, helped her achieve political significance; conservative media outlets love using white, blond, young and conventionally attractive women to pander to a Republican audience (probably full of old, bigoted men). So, what happens when the cute, ditsy cheerleader prototype actually has some real thoughts that go against what’s been taught to her all her life? She gets criticized, but for the wrong reasons. 
          Lahren shouldn’t be castigated because she’s pro-choice and therefore goes against conservative values. Lahren should be castigated because she promotes hatred and bigotry, things that the alt-right loves her for-- things that Donald Trump refers to when he states that he wants to “make America great again.” No matter how hard she may (or may not) continue to fight for women’s reproductive rights, she is by no means someone that feminists should applaud for being a strong woman, nor is she someone that conservatives should attack simply for having an opinion that goes against theirs. 

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