On Syria

By: Evangeline Liu (College Undergraduate)

It used to be beautiful
but now it’s in ashes

It used to contain so many dreams
but now those dreams have long burned up
nowhere to be seen

It used to be the jewel of historians
the home of ancient cultural treasures
that have lived there since the dawn of time
But civilization takes years to create
and seconds to destroy

How many is he willing to sacrifice
just to cling onto power
how deep down into that black hole
is he willing to drag Syria
playing with people’s lives
just to keep playing the chess games of his desires

How long are other countries
going to play along and pay nothing but lip service
to the hundreds of thousands killed
and the millions more who fled home?

Perhaps there’s no magic bullet
perhaps there’s no perfect solution
but solution we must try
because turning a blind eye
is so much worse

*Here's one way author Evangeline Liu suggests you can get involved: Work with INARA

Take Action Now: Foreign Affairs; International Justice