Action Changes Things

By: Thaimae Le (College Undergraduate)

Inside the sticky infinite webs of social media, several people express their hopes, dreams, passions and concerns. Often times there are many of us who step onto our digital soapboxes and shed light on local and global issues we hold dear to our hearts: mental health, equality, sustainability, rape, etc. You know the feeling, we're standing tall and feeling confident and proud to be starting a conversation on these subjects we care so much about, and then we step down and give ourselves a little pat on the back for raising awareness. But let's zoom out for a moment and realize that "talking" isn't enough.

Granted, it is the first step, but so many of us voice our opinions to friends, families and even a few select strangers, but it usually ends there. Sure, when we have some funds to spare, we can go online and make a charitable contribution towards our cause(s), but are we really making a difference?

I will admit that I have also been guilty of this. I've stood before hundreds of people and presented issues (and solutions) on various subjects including misogyny in popular culture and food insecurity, but I have recently asked myself, "How did these presentations create positive change to those currently suffering?"

That was when I realized that I need to do more than just "talk the talk".

Many of us don't know how or what to do when it comes to making a difference towards our beloved causes outside of participating in a 5K or donating money. However, there are several more ways to get involved.

First, think about the cause(s) you're most interested in. After you've figured that out, educate yourself on what it is exactly, what laws are in place and what's currently being done about it. Then, research non-profit organizations whose missions align with your own. Once you've found one (or more), read about ways to get involved on their website. If the options listed online aren't feasible for you, send them an email. Remember that voice you used when you posted that status about (insert issue here)? You can use that same voice to ask questions! You can even propose an idea you may have about a way you'd like to help.

Just remember to not overcommit yourself; you should be happy becoming a part of something larger than yourself.

Take action, my friends!

*Here's one way author Thaimae Le suggests you can get involved: work with NOMORE.

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