Find the Light in this Tunnel

By Anonymous

I spent the entire night of the election cleaning my apartment. I scrubbed in places I didn’t even know I could. I was absolutely panicked. At first, Trump as president was a joke. I thought it was a ploy. As the debates played on and the propaganda was spread, it became even more obvious that a man like him could never be elected as president. I wish that the rest of the country agreed. Although many did and, after seeing the repercussions to the election results, I know many still do. I assumed that this would all blow over, but obviously, it’s not going to. I do have to say that although I am scared about what may happen to me, my friends, loved ones, and even people I don’t know, Trump is going to be president. Now, it is up to us to engender love and respect. It is up to us to be role models for future generations. It is up to us to not scream and shout, but to love and support each other through this. The reality is, many people did vote for him. We have to acknowledge this and show the rest of the world that not one man represents this country, but it’s us, the citizens of the United States, who can find the light in this tunnel. By focusing on acceptance and tolerance, it is possible to still allow this country to be all it can be, which is an inclusive, safe place for all people to live and love. One man, no matter how powerful, can take that away from us.