We Cannot Surrender

By Anthony Boutros (Johns Hopkins University Undergraduate)

My sister had the opportunity to grow up in a world understanding that, with hard work and perseverance, she could break any ceiling and become whatever she wanted, even president of the United States.

Instead, she will grow up thinking that men can abuse, dehumanize and degrade her simply because of her gender; she will grow up believing that her contributions to society do not matter.

These coming years will test us as they will legitimize hatred and bigotry. As Hillary said in 1996, “Change is certain, but progress is not.” Today, we voted for the worst kind of change, a reactionary and divisive authoritarian regime that will tear down our progress and throw us back into the ash heaps of history. The referendum on racism, homophobia, jingoism, sexism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, and the dehumanization of all minority groups has been approved. No longer will fights for civil rights be waged, as the mere right to be recognized as human is stripped away.

Yet, we cannot surrender. Our voices combined can prevail over hatred. Remember forever that Love Trumps Hate and we are stronger together.

To Hillary: I continue to stand by you, now and forever!