Backwards Yet Again

By Ashley Stahmer (University of Delaware Undergraduate)

Tuesday night, I sat in my college dorm room and watched the results of the election unfold. My mild concern escalated to outright fear as I talked to friends, all of us saying, “This can’t be happening.”

I started crying after they called Pennsylvania. As someone who has been vocal about this election - especially in the past few weeks - I was devastated. There were no words for what was happening.

Donald J. Trump will be the 45th president of the United States.

When I woke up on Wednesday morning, I hid my feelings about the election down in the deepest parts of me. I had to accept the results of this election, because it forced me to acknowledge that there are still so many people in America that are inherently selfish, no matter the larger cost. I had to keep myself poised and professional, readily available with the facts, so that no one could say that my emotions were my weakness or that I was simply a sore loser.

The truth, though, is that I am furious. I am disappointed in this country and its systems. I am devastated at the step we have taken in history, backwards yet again.

Hillary Clinton deserved to win this election. When it comes down to it, she was more than overqualified. She has spent her life trying to break the glass ceiling. She has spent years in politics.

And that is why she lost. She lost this election, because the working class of America have gone blind to the reality of the presidency. They wanted one of themselves in the White House, not another politician.

It is because of that belief, that goal, that we will see a reality TV star who made his fortune off of loans and short-term schemes take over the presidency this January. As if it is not enough that Trump is exponentially underqualified to lead a nation, he is also a terrible person. You cannot change a man’s character by giving him more power. You cannot expect him to become a better person by validating his oppressive beliefs.

This is a man who wants to deport minorities. This is a man who said he would grab a woman “by the pussy”. This is a man who has sexualized his own daughter and called other women “fat pigs”. This is a man who has laughed at disabilities and mocked war heroes.

This is the man that our nation elected to president.

I wish I could say I was more surprised. I wish that it was impossible to believe that so many people in this country support this man. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

This is not the end of my fight for what is right. To the people who say we should just sit down and shut up, I refuse. Trump did not have my respect before, and he certainly does not have it now.