A Reality of a Nightmare

By Bhumi Patel (UMass Dartmouth Undergraduate)

I had just found out that Hillary won the presidency. But, then my eyes opened up and I realized it wasn’t something that happened, but just a waking up from the sweet dream that turned into a reality of a nightmare. I looked on Snapchat and that’s when I was really mad, with everyone saying the new President of the United States was Donald Trump. I could not stand it; I woke my roommate up by yelling at the fact that a new racist, sexist man would be essentially the ruler of the country my friends, family, and I lived in. It does not just bother me that people support Trump. It bothers me that people support the personality of a man who disrespects women so incredibly much, and more specifically that women support him. It bothers me that men who are married to women voted for Trump, even though they knew of the nasty things this man had done to the other women. It bothers me that after all these years, of having gay marriage federally legal, and rights for people of color the same as everyone else in America, that people vote for someone who has the same thoughts of the average person from years ago. It bothers me that Muslim parents are now telling their daughters that they should take off their hijabs, so that they are not obvious of being Muslim in public, in fear that their child will be bullied, or even hurt by someone else. Why, today, do we support so much hate? If we have a president that does it, what makes it seem that people will not do the same, oppressing minorities, and hating Muslims just because of a stereotypes of being terrorists, etc. I am definitely a little more depressed because of these results; and so are most of the other people in my life, not being able to put together what happened to America this year. However, I am going to hold my head up high still because I know I voted for who I thought would best represent us, and although she did not become president, I will not look down; I will continue to be a strong woman and not let the oppressor make women below men and him, since doing that would just put him at a higher status. I am definitely surprised at the results of this election, but more disappointed that it is happening in 2016.