What Has the World Come To?

By Courtney Quinn

What has the world come to? What have we done to deserve such punishment? 

Those are constant reoccurring thoughts that cross my mind during all hours of the day. I haven’t been able to sleep or eat for fear for my brothers and sisters in minority communities in the US that are experiencing such hatred and fear since the results of the presidential election. Why must those, who finally for once lived freely, not experience the same privilege as everyone else? 

In the end love always wins, but what cost must we pay to cross that finish line to freedom? What cost must we pay for the feeling of safety? For security in your own Nation? For a sense of togetherness, instead of a constant ‘us vs. them’ way of thinking? 

My story isn’t about just me; rather, it is about us. The feelings of those that are too afraid to speak up due to fear. I understand the feelings of isolation and loneliness. I understand the struggle of being gay in a community that does not necessarily accept you and hold your rights as a person, first. I understand the feeling of not being able to speak up about sexual assault and sexual violence, and how that tears an individual apart. 

The hatred and the power that one mans words are instilling on millions of Americans is truly terrifying. Why are we letting this happen to what once was a great nation? Why are we sitting in silence while watching other citizens of our country suffer the consequences of one mans words? A presidential election should not leave individuals in a state of fear for their lives or for the lives of loved ones. 

I am making one promise to those who are in a current state of silence because of fear, I will never let my voice run silent. I will never let the fear overturn my opinions and views of right and wrong. I will never give up on you.