White Privilege DOES Exist

By Darrin Ward (In response to the piece "White Privilege Doesn't Exist" by Elijah Medford)

This week is proof that we as a country need responsible media more than ever.  I understand reader submissions but shouldn’t we be careful when publishing a “white privilege” story by an 18 year old with less than a year of adult life experience?  He fears to go outside?  Really?  I say good luck to him then, he’s really going to need it with that kind of go-getter attitude.

I am a white male in my late 30’s, I have been incarcerated, I have been without a well paying job, and I have been without housing.  And even for me, “white privilege” is very real.

We need to inform this child on how the world works.

“Ladies night” at a bar is not an argument for sexism against men.  It’s called capitalism.  We all have had illness in the family or were without a parent growing up or were in part of the lower economic status.

One look at the population currently sitting in jail and the crimes they have committed i would hope shed some light on this young man.  He needs to realize feeling sorry for himself isn’t going to get him that job he feels he was overlooked for because he was “average.”

It is a new time in America. If you want that job or a place at that university you might want to have more on your resume than “I was in the boy scouts” and it was “very difficult.”

I’m not trying to be rude or undermine this young man, but life will not hand you accomplishments because you think you deserve them. 

White privilege is more about the presumption of innocence and decency that most in this country are not afforded.  Being followed around department stores for the fear of theft is very real for the very large part of ourpopulation with darker skin.

Let us not confuse this with economic status and inequality otherwise we will continue down this path of divisiveness.  Now more than ever we need to understand these subtle differences.