Keep Your Head Held High

By David Padilla

Okay guys, Trump may be a terrible person, but he’s going to have to cooperate with the American people if he wants to stay in office. All these protests are definitely going to affect what Trump does, and I feel that if we keep pressuring him, he’s going to have to do what’s best for the country.

If many of you recall, Trump started out his campaign saying that he would work for the middle class and go against big business, and made it a key point that he would not be taking money from special interest groups like most candidates do. Bernie Sanders also operated this way, and no, I’m not saying they’re the same.

Trump is a terrible person, and most politicians are. They make underhanded deals under the guise of good will, and fail to be honest with the public.

This was an awful campaign, and it definitely got ugly, but Hillary was right when she said we owe this guy an open mind. Trump IS our president, but that does not mean we have to remain silent and simply “watch what happens”. As American citizens, we have a right to speak our mind when something isn’t right, and we must uphold that right during the next four years.

The next four years won’t be easy, but they are still ours. If you see something wrong, speak up about it. We have every right to do just that. Again, if we continue to unite under our own beliefs, no one can silence us. Focus on your education and be ready to show the nation who’s boss.

Keep your head held high, and let’s do our best.

P.S. Sorry if this wasn’t perfectly articulated, I just think there are some points that need to be made. I voted for Hillary, but I’m still hopeful.