Will Trump Supporters Prove Me Wrong?

By Demi DiCarlo (Salem State Undergraduate)

I’ve tried so hard to keep my hands away from the keyboard because I know that I could easily offend people I care a lot about and that is not something I would want to do. All I can say now is that I am very grateful to live in a country where I have the right to vote for the officials in charge of the nation. I exercised my right. I voted. My candidate did not win. That’s how democracy works sometimes and as Americans we have to accept that and simply be grateful we have the opportunity for our voices to be heard at all. At this point I can only hope that Trump will surprise me. I can only hope that he will not carry out all of the things he has claimed that he will. I can only hope that my rights as a woman will not be taken away, as Trump said he would like to. 

I can only hope that my LGBT+ family and friends will not lose the rights that they have only just obtained, as Trump said he would like to take them away. 

I could go on but there is simply too much to tackle. The point is that I can only hope at this point that Trump will prove me wrong. The problem is that I cannot hold out this hope for his supporters. I hate to generalize a group of people like this because I know not all Trump supporters are spreading hate and instilling fear in others. But hey, if Islamophobic people are allowed to generalize all Muslims as terrorists, then I’m allowed to generalize Trump supporters as bigots. The problem is that they have not proved me wrong thus far. Instead of coming together as a nation and trying to bridge the gap between them and Hillary supporters, they have done the opposite. They have already begun spreading their hate. (source 1/source 2). 

The scariest part of this election for me has been the fact that there are people in my very own country–and a lot of them, apparently—that truly believe and agree with the horrible racist, misogynistic, bigoted, and, simply put, offensive things that he has said and has said repeatedly and has said without apology. This is not about “political correctness.” This is not about Trump “telling it like it is” or “speaking his mind.” This is about the constant spew of hate that has divided this country. 

In any other election, I respect those whose views and votes differ from mine. But I cannot wrap my mind around how people could vote for a man like this. Especially people that I know cannot be as hateful and bigoted as he has proven to be. 

Sure, Hillary is no saint. I readily admit that. Sure, she is a liar, but who in politics isn’t? Maybe I’m too young to fully understand what it is that Hillary did to make the generations ahead of mine hate her so much. Maybe I missed whatever horrible, evil thing she did. But whatever you say about Hillary Clinton, you cannot say that she would take away the rights of so many groups of people in this country if she had been elected. You cannot say that she has actively been drawing on the undercurrent of racism and xenophobia in this country to win the election. You may not agree with her policies and that is completely understandable and your right to your own opinion. 

But if you voted for Trump, how can you look at your children and family, your friends, your colleagues, complete strangers, whose lives you might have put in jeopardy because of your vote? Maybe I haven’t been alive long enough but I’m still dumbfounded by the amount of hate present in our country, let alone our world, today. So I guess to sum up, I’m not upset that Trump won. I’m upset that there are so many people who are responsible for his victory.