This is About What We Do Next

By Eva Tipps (Hudson High School Student)

Throughout this entire mess, the media is actually right about one thing; this truly is a historic election. I haven’t lived long but the people whom I’ve spoken to agree that they have never seen such a divided reaction. I feel disappointed and disgusted while some of my peers are elated.

However, most people that I have come across are terrified, and rightly so. The man who built his campaign on fear is the leader of this country, voted in by people who support this instillation of fear. Trump had no concrete political plan or platform that people were voting for, no blueprint for the economic success that he was promising. All that he promised, all that people voted for, was hate. And that is what scares me the most— this inequality in perception so many people in this country evidently have that any group of people can be better than another.

But this isn’t about what happened. This is about what we do next.

I was furious at first. Furious that my peers, especially women, put this man in power. But love does trump hate and we are the ones who have to prove that. Pointing fingers won’t do anything and I even have to remind myself that. Write to your congressman or woman. Because it is their duty to protect this country with checks and balances and if they won’t keep themselves in check, we will. Educate your peers. Kindly. Because the only way they will listen to us is with reason and patience. Be there for your friends. Because marginalized groups of people have always been here and they always will be here because they are resilient and strong and progress is inevitable. Time will continue to go on and we have to decide to pick ourselves up and follow suit.

Your fear and rage and disappointment are valid. Now we do something with those strong emotions and our strong minds.