I Don't Want to Go Back

By Ezra Hereth (High School Graduate from OR taking a Gap Year)

I graduated high school this last spring and I decided to come to Central America for a gap year. And truly, I do not want to go back...I don't want to go back: 

where a bigot sleeps in the white house where the man with the biggest hands is president where speech is fear where opening your eyes is hatred where ignorance is among the educated where I grew up where fat translucent men laugh at jokes that implicate the systematic slaughter of villages where they don't know what happens south where the “third world” is no more than an economic appendage from which to pluck the shiniest stone from the hands of starving children where they gorge themselves on meals created on the ends of the earth and treat the left overs as they treat their excrimate where 200 years of human captivity results in glossed over impunity where they don't look each other in the eye where walls are erected in the name of greatness where the hungry machine churns-I can feel the heat where god is a hypocrite where god exists in the mouths of the purportedly reasonable leaders of the enslaved-by-wage world where innocent men are caged where a man with dark pigment is worth more trapped behind cement and steel than free where imperialism reigns where the law is dollar where conveyor belt education pumps out the next batch of cheap labour where critical thought is contemptable where mobolization is met with batons of men with badges who claim to protect us from ourselves where the span of attention is eight seconds where the struggle of the world is recounted in historifcal abstractions analysed in warm rooms where it is not felt where success depends on the failure of others where factories pump lethal toxins into the air where corporations are incentivised to dump their valueless waste into our earth, our oceans, and the soil that grows our food where excess is rewarded with more where dictatorships are established in the name of liberty where they are presented with two different sides of the same propoganda and it is labeled as democracy where the rest of the world doesnt exist where the rest of the world is a wasteland for us the dump the undesirables among us where leaders perpetuate the belief that to maintain peace means occupying foreign lands where tough words are talked by sumissive people where revolution is impossible where the poeple are governed by a police state with the absolute authority to kill domestic threat where the words of Orwell start to become reality where children subsist off the donations of strangers while old men sleep in shameless castles where this kind of behavior is rewarded where it is better to be a rich asshole than kind and aware where the deciding factors of your limitatons are realized at birth where to be taken serious it is crucial that you have just one organ for fulfilling the roles of both fucking and urnitation where all these things are compounded by the decision to elect a leader from whose mouth cascades a river of hate where children are baptized in the estuary of Trump’s river and an ocean of fear where it looks like things will get much worse before they get better. I'm sorry.

I don't want to go back.