My Spirit is Broken

By Hajira Fuad (High school student in Wisconsin)

My spirit collapsed when he won Wisconsin and realization washed over my body. Hours later, I was numb and hurt and vulnerable as it hit me that my country hated me. They hate me or they don’t care what happens to me. 

After that awful and bitter slap across my face by reality, I began wondering what had happened.

Why did my country choose a man who has bragged about grabbing women by their genitals over our first female president? Why did a country that is craving to reject the establishment and elitism and stale politics and whatever else the pundits are saying pick a man who has been handed things to him his whole life, including his multiple private jets, mansions, and a reality T.V. show? How does that not also count him as one of the elite, the status quo, a clear representation of the establishment? 

Why does America not find racism, sexual assault, blatant xenophobia, lawsuits, a fake university, and the endorsement of the KKK disqualifying for a presidential candidate, but the mishandling of classified emails absolutely inexcusable?

She’s vicious, she’s vile; after all, she could’ve chosen any other self-serving career but instead she chose public service. During the sixties, she was one of the only two women in the room taking the entrance exam for law school while men barked sexist comments at her—clearly she’s corrupt, the devil, a criminal undeserving of the presidency. 

She walked through the streets of New York on that terrible September morning while ash still hung in the air, wearing a mask over her face, unlike our president-elect who has never held public office or witnessed real life, brutal life, the kind of life you can’t taste when your father gives you small loans of a million dollars. Obviously, she’s just horrible and her experience pales in comparison to his experience of working with the middle class and trying to improve their lives.

She wanted to give hope to little girls everywhere that yes, they too can be president and not the man who has said “Women, you gotta treat ‘em like sh*t,” “It’s a very bad idea for a woman to work,” and, “When you’re a star, they let you do it”—for that, she is just despicable, awful and disgusting. Thank goodness she’s not the leader of the free world and that someone more deserving, hardworking and intelligent now is. 

My spirit is broken. Shattered, goddamnit. Unlike that seemingly impenetrable glass ceiling.