Children Aren't Politics - They're Humans

By Jake Bjork (Disappointed American)

It has barely been a month of Trump’s presidency, and I am already tired of being lied to.

Many groups throughout the country have been victims of targeted hate crimes and prejudiced executive orders. From mutilating Jewish burial grounds, to banning groups of people practicing Islam, I am confused as to where our freedom of religion has seemingly evaporated to amidst this discriminatory month of Trump and his decision-making.

And to my disbelief and disappointment, we have very recently been let down again: our transgender youth are losing their civil rights. I do not care if Obama enacted the legislation in support of transgender youth a few years ago. I do not care if this is perceived as a federal versus state level conflict of interest. And I do not care if you believe that being transgender is comparable to pretending to be a dog. We are talking about people, here. Children. Have we forgotten that?

I am not transgender. I do not practice Islam. I am not Jewish. I am not an immigrant. However, this does not give me the right to treat these people as “less than” myself. This does not give me the right to take away their civil rights. I simply don’t understand the problem here -- don’t we live under a decree that explicitly states all people are created equal? I understand mature debates about taxes, foreign policy, education, and health care. But I don’t understand why it’s okay for our president to limit the rights of minority groups in this country. A country that we call “the land of the free”.

We’ve been promised many things under Trump’s presidency. One of them was supposed to be to uphold the rights of all people identifying in the LGBTQ+ community. Maybe Trump just forgot about the “T”. Maybe he promised us rights that we can’t have under his reign. Either way, people’s lives shouldn’t be toyed with like a game by our country’s president.

To anyone feeling targeted by this post-election season chaos: you are loved. You are respected. You are heard. And we must fight back like Michelle Obama told us to: “When they go low, we go high.”

*Here's how author Jake Bjork suggests you can get involved: The Trevor Project

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