Dehumanization for Self Benefit

By Jared Hector (Stanford University Undergraduate)

I’m left feeling very confused here at Stanford.

On one hand I am here with some of the most diverse and intelligent people on the planet, learning from them as they share their firsthand experiences with oppression, bigotry, and intolerance in our sad country, while on the other hand some of these very educated people still cannot seem to grasp why any minority is not content with the “be okay” and “get along” preaching that many seem to be spouting. These same people cannot empathize with my fear because THEY are not the ones threatened with the possibility of a resurgence of gay “conversion therapy,” how the elected leaders of this country don’t believe that homosexuality has a place in their “moral society” and the American people, even knowing this, STILL elected them into office.

This is more than just Trump, this is you, this is who I am sharing this country with: the people who would be so apathetic as to say my life, my happiness, is not worth the few extra dollars that a handful pocket.

These same people are docile, they are fortunate enough to be able look past the racism, the sexism, the homophobia simply because it does not affect them. It is extremely saddening to see this preaching of complacency under the guise of peace. Peace is not and will never be silencing the discontent. The naive notion of sweeping everyone’s feelings under the rug and pretending we have peace is sickening.

I have said it once and will say it infinitely more:

You cannot separate social, economic, and political policy - they are intimately and inseparably intertwined.

I will never cease to be amazed by the human mind’s capacity to trick itself into believing it’s right. How someone can yell over the rooftops that they are not racist even though they voted for Trump, they just “like his fiscal policy.” Let me tell you something honey: you vote for the fiscal policy, you get the whole racist, misogynistic, homophobic package. A vote for him is a confirmation that you place the value of your money over the value of millions of lives, including mine.

This election has transcended mere political opinion, it has presented to us the ultimate moral question: do we accept dehumanizing policy for the benefit of ourselves? The answer, as the American populace has seemingly forgotten, is always no.