No Wall is Stronger than Unity

By Kate Greenlaw (Johnson & Wales University Undergraduate)

I refuse to lose hope in this country. I refuse to let my future son or daughter grow up in a world where they are scared of their neighbor. I am not disappointed or upset that Donald Trump is president. I am, however, disappointed in the reaction of some of my fellow Americans. Any wall that is built around our borders will not be as strong as the walls we are building within them. When filling out the ballot on November 8th, there was no wrong answer. To lose a friend or to say that someone is wrong for their vote, that mentality completely degrades democracy and the freedom that this country was built on. That mentality is what divides us, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. As a country, we are more than a protest. I am not asking you to be silent, I am asking you to open your mind to the realization that just because someone does not believe in what you do, that does not make them wrong. As a nation, we are much stronger together than we are apart. I am asking you to put your own walls down and to accept who our president is, a man who won this election fairly, and I want us to talk to one another, peacefully, without a protest. Sit down with your neighbor and talk to them about why they believe in the things they choose to believe in. Donald Trump is president. That is a fact. It is also a fact that there is a glass ceiling that needs shattering, that there are people in this country who are discriminated against for the color of their skin, religion, and sexual orientation. We cannot build these mental walls and pretend that these problems do not exist. I am tired of seeing posts bashing each other for who is right and who is wrong. America, we are stubborn and we need to stop that kind of mentality. That is not who we are. We are the land of the free. You are not wrong for thinking the way you do, but neither is your neighbor. I am not upset Donald Trump is president, I am upset at what his presidency has done to this country before he is even inaugurated. My LGBTQ, African American, Muslim, and all of my brothers and sisters I stand with you proudly. That includes every single Donald Trump supporter. I will listen to you. I believe in you. You are not wrong for what you believe. We live in a country where you are free to believe in what we want, that is the beauty of America. I am hoping we grow and become a more tolerant and accepting country, but we can’t do that through arguments. If you believe someone is wrong, holding a cardboard sign in there face or turning to violence will not change their opinion. What changes opinion is listening, talking, and standing together. No one can break us if we stand together. Regardless of who you voted for, no wall is stronger than unity.