Summer Series #11: Health and Hatred: Not a Good Mix


By Debbie Adam

Recently, the planned removal of The Confederate Monuments at The University of Virginia resulted in racially-fueled chaos. Chaos that marked a setback in the country’s supposed shift towards positive change. The riots at The University of Virginia proved that hate is still an integral part of society. Yet hate, in many people’s minds, is supposedly non-existent.

Hate, despite its ugly intentions, is ever-present in society. In fact F.B.I. databases report that hate crimes have increased by 6.8 percent from the year 2014 to 2015 (Collins, 2016). This is a considerable increase that only hints at the intolerance felt by many members of society towards people of other origins. Hate is not only emotionally detrimental, but has been linked to some major physiological complications.

Consider this. Hate has been known to cause body weakness and an increase in the body’s need for energy and adrenaline. A change that requires people to maintain their uptake of energy and adrenaline through negative means. Negative means that could include caving into cravings of junk food or sugar.

Hatred has even been linked to cancer. In fact, behavioral abnormalities like the suppression of anger or other emotions has been linked to breast cancer patients over the age of forty (How Emotions, 2017). This only proves, yet again, that hate is toxic and void of any positive intentions.

Hate causes pain. Hate causes illness. Hate causes death. Why engage in such behavior when the unity of all members of society is way more appealing? Embrace societal awareness, collective understanding, and cultural acceptance of all people and their differences. Hate has no place in society.

Take action by promoting peace via social media, social networks and/or peaceful protest. Peace soothes the spirit and mind. Protect your health by controlling your emotions.

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