Dear Secretary Clinton

By Louie Gold (University of Maryland Undergraduate)

Dear Secretary Clinton,

I’m so sorry that you lost. I, like many other Americans, were rooting for you. I don’t have tell you how devastating it is to vote in your first election, to finally have a say, and to not have you, my candidate win. I don’t have to tell you because you were there with me. 

If there is one thing that I learned throughout this election cycle, it’s the message that you’ve been spreading throughout your campaign: “America is great, because America is good”. I was never disillusioned that all of the racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and any other –ism or –phobia that is now currently being thrust into the limelight was ever gone. But over the past eight years we had worked hard to try and get rid of these ideals that do not define me, you, or America. You worked so hard to spread your message and now it is being overshadowed because you lost the election. If anything, your losing the election should strengthen your message. With the veil being lifted, maybe people will get to work on becoming more socially active and step up to speak out against any form of bigotry that they see. 

I can honestly say that I have never felt scared like this before. I am a white male from an upper-middle class family from Maryland so I’ve had it easy. I’ve had more privilege than many of your voters. But as a gay Jew, I’ve never felt fear or anxiety about the current social climate of the United States. And this is day two. As a human living on this planet, I am terrified at what this will mean for our planet and living green and so many other social injustices that may be coming down the road. 

You said that you wanted to be the champion for everyday Americans and unfortunately that won’t be possible. But now it is time for us to become the champions for America. America needs us now more than ever to become the nation we thought we could be under your leadership. It is more crucial than ever that we unite and face the oncoming storm with heads held high, minds and hearts open, and ready to act. 

Am I scared? Yes. Am I worried about the future? Yes. But I don’t want you to worry about me, Secretary Clinton. This was the democratic process at work. This is the system we chose. But today is November 10th and tomorrow will be November 11th. The sun will rise and it will rise again. I was in total shock yesterday, but today I’m a little bit better, a little more okay. And if there is one promise that I can make to you, Secretary Clinton, it’s this: I will keep on okay-ing until I am more than ok. I will keep on okay-ing until I am amazing and I will not stop okay-ing until I have done absolutely everything in my power to reduce the hate that is in our country. I will keep on okay-ing until I am the best person that I can be. I will keep on okay-ing until I have helped those in need of a voice or who had their voice taken away from them get their voice. Because that is the message you gave to the people of this country and that is the message that should be taken from this election cycle. 

Thank you so much for everything Secretary Clinton.

Louie Gold