Abortion and Murder are NOT Synonyms

By Massa Assaad (Growing Girl)

Abortion is a very controversial subject that, to this day, is being debated over its legal merit. Many people feel like abortion goes against religion and God, and should be considered murder. Others believe it’s a basic human right. Abortion is either illegal or extremely limited and hard to get in 44 countries. Although abortion is legal in the United States, a huge number of Americans are completely against the concept of abortion. They protest and demand that, what they believe to be such a sinful thing, needs to be forbidden.

Bringing another human being into this earth is not easy. But what’s even harder, is raising it. A parent needs to completely alter their life for that child. If a person feels like they’re not prepared for that, why should they be forced to? When you are a 15 year old pregnant girl that made a mistake, you shouldn’t have to live with it for the rest of your life. Young pregnancies are hard. They get in the way of your education, your development as a human being, and your right to be a child. You now have a burden on you that you weren’t ready for in the first place. Consider rape cases. When a female undergoes the horrific experience of rape and gets pregnant, why should it be obligatory for her to keep a baby from such a tormenting incident that she did not ask for? Or even being in your 30’s and getting pregnant when you simply aren’t ready. No matter what the case is, abortion needs to be an option for women.

Some people say that the woman doesn’t need to keep the baby, she can just give it up for adoption. But giving up a child for adoption isn’t as simple as it sounds. Just being adopted is a lot for some children to take in. They start questioning why their parents gave them up and they sometimes feel out of place. The foster parents could be abusive, whether it’s verbally or physically. And when a woman gives birth and holds her child, it’s then hard for her to give it up to strangers. So the child runs the risk of living with bad parents or dealing with emotional distress, and the mom has to live with the regret of giving up her child to people she doesn’t know, and that’s if the baby gets adopted. So many kids are left in foster homes until they’re old enough to legally leave. So now that child had to spend all it’s life without having a family or a place to call home.

And even if the baby was to be given up for adoption, carrying a baby for nine months is physically, emotionally and mentally challenging and, at times, agonizing for a woman, let alone giving birth, and she must not go through that when she doesn’t want to. Women should have the right to decide what they want to do with their body and their life. The government shouldn’t ever have the power to decide on such a personal and life changing decision. Where abortion is made illegal and hard to get, women become compelled to go through illegal abortions. Illegal abortions have a very high chance of causing complications and even death. So now a woman has to put herself in a dangerous and life-risking position all for something she should have the right to in the first place. Legalizing and supporting abortion is a step forward in gender equality.

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