The Fear in Me is Not a Crippling Fear

By Morales, Malley

I’ve lived in the same upper-middle class suburb for my entire life. Even though I knew many of my neighbors and I differed in opinions on a lot of social topics and political issues, Dallas, Texas has always been home to me. It’s interesting to see how my peers from different backgrounds are reacting to the election, and how some people are having such a hard time empathizing with the ones who are struggling. I would be lying if I said that Donald Trump’s presidency is going to drastically affect my way of life. I’m a young, white, middle class college student, and I’m very lucky to have what I have. However, I know that this is not true for the vast majority. I am grieving for my LGBT friends. I am mourning for my black friends, my immigrant friends and their families, for my Muslim friends, for my friends that have disabilities. And I am scared for them. But this fear in me is not a crippling fear. It is something that will motivate me to continue to fight for the rights of the people that deserve every ounce of my respect. We were with her, but now it’s time to be with them. They need us now more than ever.