I Should Not Fault Myself

By Naomi Berhane

Every time I think about Trump and the Republican-controlled government, I shudder and cry inside. I do not trust that I will have a voice in this government, and that scares me. It scares me how affected millions of lives will be in response to this new government's rule. I have so many emotions right now that keep resurfacing every time I remember how attacked certain parts of our country’s humanity and individuals’ identities are in this new regime. I get frustrated and scared and I don’t know what to do with myself, but I think I need to console myself by acknowledging that I do not have power in this situation, and that I was never obligated to have power. In my circles of interaction, I have and always will strive to fight for people who need support and love, and in my heart I have and always will work to shape my life around fighting for those around me. I have not changed and my responsibility as a person has not changed. I have already been radical, but the difference is that I now know how radical those around me are. These racist bigots have always been there, and their misunderstandings always needed to have been confronted and acknowledged. At least now I know. A Clinton presidency wouldn’t have erased these people from existence, and under her rule they would have gone undetected. A president would have never been enough for true change, as it is the current social, political, and economic structures that need to be acknowledged, understood, and fought by everyone. 

While this presidency will probably be be the worst thing to happen to millions of people, it can still lay the groundwork for helping those around us have full, heartbreaking discussions on minority groups and their current marginalization. It can rewrite America’s position in the world, and hopefully allow other countries to not be as dependent on the American economy and government for their own sustainability. It can change how we view patriotism and hopefully remove our blind faith in the government and the marginalizing systematic manner in which it was built. The only positives here are contingent on the gambling of the safety, security, and dignity of so many groups of peoples, including my own, so they are not strong or preferred positives. But as I currently have no power beyond my words written here and the direct impact on the like-minded individuals around me, I cannot expect or force more from myself. I have done everything I could, and I will continue to do everything I can to help America be better. Still, I should not fault myself for what others and their belief system have done to everyone else.