Get Out and Vote in the Midterms

By Nyanna Wright

I was ten years old when Obama was first elected into office; I remembered hearing my mother cry tears of joy when she heard the news. This past week she cried tears of sorrow and worry at the news of who had become our new President-elect. I would be lying if I said that when I myself heard the news, my reaction didn’t mimic that of my mother. Myself, like many others I assume, didn’t considered the possibility of “President Trump” becoming a reality.

What scares me is that a man who has espoused such divisive, derogatory and ill-founded statements was voted for by so many Americans. I think that having a black man in the White House for the past eight years falsely fed our desire as a country to believe that we had moved beyond a point of discrimation. However, for me this election has completely dissolved me of that disillusion. As a young black woman in American, I am now more than ever aware of the prejudice that still exist within America for so many different groups of people.

My hope is that this election will unify the people who have been further marginalized by President elect Trump, more so than anyone ever thought possible. If this new presidency can do that, then there will be after all something that I am grateful for. Lastly, I beg of all of those who feel slighted by the results of this election to get out and vote in the midterms, pay attention to their local elections and then when the next presidential race rolls around to do more than they did this time. A country united will never be defeated, we can do this if we can set aside our difference and unify based on our similarities.