A Tribute to Hillary Clinton from a Young Female Voter

By Olivia Roskill (Age 18, Seattle, WA)

I cannot begin to articulate the pain and sorrow that I feel because of this loss. Hillary, because of you, myself, women, and girls across the nation are both devastated by these results and also inspired by the hard work, confidence, poise, and success that you demonstrated throughout your fight. As we work towards breaking the next glass ceiling, I can only hope that the first female President will be half as qualified and compassionate as you have been throughout your career in public service. 

In the wake of this monumental upset, I am not saddened because I am a sore loser. I do not protest in hope of an impeachment. Of course, I am upset that Hillary lost; but my sorrow is not a result of hurt pride. Rather, it is terrifying for me to reflect on the weight this election’s result will have on our nation and other countries that look to us as a leader. As I receive messages of astonishment and sympathy from friends who live abroad, I question how this happened and what the future holds. I feel as though so many issues and passions of mine are in jeopardy right now, and it will take time for me to come to terms with this and for my pain to heal. 

But, it is comforting for me to remember Hillary’s campaign’s message, that lifted myself, women, and people of color across the country, and to know that these words are even more important as we move forward. The mindset to always go high when others go low and that we are stronger together is what will keep America good in the coming four years. The acceptance and love that I felt at Hillary’s events and rallies are sentiments that I hope will be shared as Americans both grieve and celebrate. The pride I constantly felt as a young woman throughout her campaign is irreplaceable for the time being. As Hillary stated earlier this morning, to all women and girls, PLEASE “never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and to achieve your own dreams.”

I can only hope that America will go forward with the same composure, strength, resilience, tolerance, compassion, and respect that Hillary has always demonstrated. I aspire to follow these values too, in the face of division and disagreement. I hope to not only share my voice on social media but to also act on and fight for my passions.

Hillary, I am so proud to have stood with you throughout this fight. Thank you for starting the crack in the highest glass ceiling - it is coming down soon.