A Factual Analysis of Trump's Immigration Ban

By Paulette Schuster (Harvard College Undergraduate)

Many people have opinions on immigration, especially after Trump banned travel to and from seven (predominantly Muslim) countries on Friday January 27th, 2017. This ban will be in effect for three months. Trump also forbid the entrance of refugees from these seven countries for 120 days. Whether you support the ban or not, here are some facts to arm yourself with because no one likes an uninformed argument. 

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As you might know, most people in these countries practice Islam. Are you worried about terrorists sneaking into the country as refugees? Here’s some information on the likelihood of that happening: 


The most thorough process in which to gain admissions into the United States is as a refugee. A terrorist is not going to come into the United States as a refugee or asylum-seeker when there are easier routes, say visas or becoming a citizen. So what is that risk?


Any percentage of unnecessary deaths that is above zero is too high. But if we look at terrorism through this lens of logic, we have bigger priorities. For example, the chance of you dying from gun violence is about three times as likely as dying in a terrorist attack. Should we ban guns too? Many people are strongly against completely outlawing guns because of the vast majority of gun owners who handle their weapons peacefully and because of the second amendment of our constitution. Replace a few words in that sentence and the same can be said about people banned from the US because of Trump’s executive order: Many people are strongly against the ban because it targets Muslims, the vast majority of which are peaceful and because of the first amendment of our Constitution. Banning thousands of peaceful people who contrite to American society economically, intellectually, and socially is not the answer to stopping terrorism.

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