We WILL Unite as One People

By Robert Roseman (Age 15, Dallas, TX)

Unifying does not mean taking away women’s rights, unifying does not mean parading around exclaiming that either you are ecstatic with this result or that you are extremely disappointed. Unifying means coming together and becoming one country again. This means standing up for everybody’s rights, standing up as a country against injustices, and working as a whole people to combat hatred. We need to make sure that the hatred that is occurring in the country right now turns into love, peace, and hope. As a people, we need to make sure that politics does not involve bragging about inappropriate and illegal activities involving women.

We need to make sure that our voices, as young people, are heard and are used to make an impact in the lives of others. As young people, sometimes we get overwhelmed with the fact that we are unable to vote. How are we able to make an impact without being 18 and voting? We send letters to our leaders, we stand up for our beliefs. We stand up for ALL people.

While this election has caused divides among many Americans, hatred has been brought out, and arguments have ensued, this should be a learning moment and a motivation. We should be motivated to speak out against injustices, make our voices loud and clear. Making fun of people, stereotyping groups of people, and causing divides among the population of the United States, will not lead to any progress. We need to have real discussions and civil arguments about changes that every side and group would like to see. This country was built on the foundation that everyone has a right to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and an ability to make an impact if you speak up. Unite. Use the hatred of this election to fuel a movement of coming together. To empower young people to speak their minds. To protect the rights of all citizens. To take action.

We WILL unite as a people, we WILL protect human and civil rights, we WILL stand together as one country and overcome the hatred that these past six to nine months have brought out in the U.S. citizens.

Speak up for our opinions. Come together as a country. Stand up for injustices when we see them. Take action.

We are the UNITED States of America, and we need to fulfill the name of our country, UNITE as one people, no matter race, religion, and political views, we are one people.