An Open Letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton

By Thaimae Le (Conservative Supporter)

Dear Mrs. Hillary R. Clinton,

I would like to open this letter with a “Thank You”.  Thank you for your lifelong career in politics, for fighting for the people.  You have been in the game longer than I have been alive, and I am fortunate to be living in a world where women like you, Susan B. Anthony and Ruth Bader Ginsburg have afforded me my “rights” as a young woman in the 21st century.

Despite being a registered republican, I have been “with her” since January 20th, 2007.  I have raised several brows and received an infinite number of lectures on how criminal my support is.  Here are a few responses to my support:

“She’s a flip-flopper and a liar, watch this video on YouTube of her lying. She didn’t even support gay rights at first.”


“She doesn’t care about you.  She accepts money from countries who don’t support women and gay people.”

“She deleted a bunch of emails.  She should be in prison.”

“Ugh.  How can you even stand her? I hate even looking at her. Plus, her laugh is so annoying.”

Now, these were some of the less vulgar responses that I constantly (felt the need to) respond to.  I will admit that it became a little overwhelming at times and then I thought to myself, “How does Hillary deal with all of this? Constantly?”  The answer (in my head) was simple.  Graciously.  It takes an extremely strong, resilient and passionate person to rise above all this scrutiny, living under a microscope, where even the act of coughing is criticized.

I think back to our defeat in November and am still hurt, and I am sure you are also.  I will admit, I was extremely upset to not see any coverage of you being at the Women’s March, probably due to your absenteeism.  I was even more upset when I saw your former opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders in the action in Vermont, while you were . . . resting?  I found myself unhappy with you for doing something I take for granted and I apologize.  I apologize for expecting you to be something more than human.

I know that you are taking some well-deserved time off and I hope that you recover with the highest of hopes.  We need you, H.  You may be feeling down, but so many of us are out here, sending you positive energy and our love!  You are a remarkable individual and we both know that there is no such thing as “failure”, only opportunity.  So, whenever you’re ready, I’m still with her.

All the Best,
Thaimae Le

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