The Future is Still Female

By Vanshika Sharma (High School Student in North Bergen, NJ)

Coming from a pretty diverse county, since Tuesday night almost everyone I know or follow on social media has given their opinion on the president-elect. One comment I’ve seen that hit me harder than others was,“I’m scared for my family.” Kids no older than 17 are posting about how they think their families will be deported even though they are legal citizens simply because of their skin tone or ethnic backgrounds. Scared they will be put in “conversion camps” to “cure” their sexual orientation. One post said, “My dad has done more good for this country than Trump ever has or will do as President, where are his rights?” Honestly, I wanted to reply “I don’t know” because when a country that preaches land of the free in their own anthem elects a man who had only preached hate, supremacy, racism, homophobia, and the ideals of a rapist among other gory opinions during his candidacy is ELECTED president, what can you say to that teenage girl who is scared her Latino parents won’t come home one day? 

Social media is what has impacted this election the most, more than any other in the past, so seeing Trumps posts about how he has never assaulted a woman while he stands against more than fourteen rape charges is probably what irks me the most. Are the women who voted for Trump genuinely okay with allowing their daughters to see their bodies as a man’s property and not their own? Are they okay letting them think if they were ever sexually assaulted to not speak up because the white man will always win and if they were groped they should be happy they were even considered? 

That being said, President Obama, though some might not see it this way, is the reason so many young people got invested in politics in the last eight years. Through memes and simply being an influential African American man stating his mind and never hiding his “still from a small town with my laid back attitude” he’s convinced this generation of millennials to stand by their genuine selves during the roller coaster of this election.

“The Future is Female” One of the many slogans preached during Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is one I can stand behind, far after Trumps presidency is over. No matter who tells you differently, the future very well is female and the signs are everywhere. Who stood next to Trump during his acceptance speech? His wife and two daughters. Who very unfortunately gave birth to Trump? His mother, A WOMAN. Though this might sound like a joke at this point, Beyonce was right when she said women run the world, even if it is behind the scenes eagerly oppressed by men. I for one am ready to see those women impact this world in a way men can’t shut down or turn away from. So here’s a question: First Lady Michelle Obama, will we be seeing you in #2020?