Day Three in a New America

By Zoey Crummey (Age 18, Dallas, TX)

It is Day 3 in a new America.

People across the country have been harassed, tormented, taunted. The racist undertones that hid behind the progress we made over the past eight years have been empowered, and they are wreaking havoc.

It is easy to feel that we lost, that it is all over. But we cannot give into that. We cannot give up when it is most crucial that we fight back. America is resilient - and when I say America, I mean the people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, the women, the Muslims, the immigrants who bring life to our country. That is who America is, not the racist, sexist, xenophobes currently in power. 

Who better to stand up to these bigots than the very people who overcame struggle after struggle to get to the place where we were three days ago? 

We have each other, and that is all we can hold on to. All we need. Four years from now, America will be ours again. Three steps forward, two steps backward, three more steps forward. I am terrified for the two steps backward that we face ahead. I fear for everyone I know and love, and I feel sorry for the people who felt so threatened by the beautiful strides we made over these past years that they voted a man like our current president-elect into office. 

The words that have managed to soothe me like no others these past three days come from the mouth of our current First Lady, the one and only Michelle Obama. “When they go low, we go high.” America is in a very, very low spot right now, but I refuse to succumb to the grief and fear that have been trying to drag me down. It is time for us to go high - to be the incredible, strong, inspiring people we are and rise to the occasion. So high, in fact, that four years from now we will have shattered that glass ceiling, and shattered it for good.

It is Day 3 in a new America. 

And we are all changed forever. We must move forward with hearts filled with nothing but love.