Ananya Kalahasti

Hi! I’m Ananya, and I’m an Indian-American Girl currently living just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I have a staunch passion for international affairs and health/medical policy, which I aspire to stay involved with for the rest of my life. From my work on research in a malaria lab, to being the captain of my school's speech and debate team, I've dreamt of bringing together science and politics to work in international health policy, with an organization like the CDC or the World Health Organization. This fall, I will be entering my freshman year at Johns Hopkins University, where I have been accepted into a program granting me a spot to earn my masters of science in public health at Bloomberg School of Public Health, with my concentration in global disease epidemiology and control, after which I hope to enter a job pertaining to foreign service, either in the US government or through non-profit or governmental organizations worldwide.

Email Address

Hometown: Solon, Ohio

High School: Hathaway Brown School (Shaker Heights, Ohio)

College: Johns Hopkins University (to start in August 2017)

Issues Most Passionate About: Foreign Policy, Terrorism/Islamophobia, Healthcare/Abortion, Women's/LGBTQ+ Rights, Gun Policy, Minority Representation, Immigration


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