Eric Ramsey

My number one passion in life has long been to lift others up and live my life in service to those in need. I hope to one day work crisis relief in war torn or disaster torn regions (much like Syria). I am attending American University to obtain my BA in International Relations and I am currently an intern for the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Ft Worth, who are dedicated to raising awareness at the community level for things happening on the global scene.

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Hometown: Dallas, TX

High School: Edna High School (Edna, Texas)

College: Obtained Associates at North Central Texas College; will be attending American University for a BA in International Relations in the Fall of '17.

Current Job: Assistant General Manager at a movie theater.

Issues Most Passionate About: LGBT Rights, Women's Rights, Immigration and Refugee Rights, International Human Rights Violations, International Crises, Sexual Assault/Rape Awareness, and Poverty.

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