Paulette Schuster

I am a college freshman who is still figuring out what I want to do with my life. I am deeply passionate about social justice and could see myself working for education or immigration reform in the future. In my free time you can see me at my school’s Hillel, rewatching Friday Night Lights (other favorites are Jane the Virgin and Grey’s Anatomy), or talking to my parents, sister, grandma, great-grandma (officially known as Bubby), or another family members on the phone. I enjoy skiing, biking, painting, and eating. My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough and my go-to fun fact is that I am half-Canadian-- it’s a work in progress.

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Hometown: New York, NY

High School: Ethical Culture Fieldston School (New York, NY)

College: Harvard College

Current Job: Student

Issues Most Passionate About: Women's Rights, Injustices in the US Prison System, Immigration, Education


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