Debbie Adam

My name is Debbie Adam and I am seventeen year-old rising senior who attends The Biomedicine Academy at The Academies @ Englewood. Although I currently live in New Jersey, I was born in Miami, Florida to two immigrant parents who came from Haiti. From seeing my parents toil endlessly to not only survive but to provide for their family, I understood the importance of hard work. I began to grow interested in healthcare, in particular, medicine, pursuing my interests through choice of school. I joined The Youth Advisory Board of Dwight Morrow Academies @ Englewood and The Sexual Assault Awareness and Project Speak Out, where I advocate the severity and relevance of sexual assault, abuse and battery. I became the Co-President of The Interact Club where I work in partnership with The Englewood Rotary Club to advocate volunteerism as well as community support. I also volunteer at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center where I was able to service patients in their various needs and interact in a patient-doctor setting. All of these activities help fuel my passion for pursuing a job in the medical field and expand my views on the world and its issues.


Email Address:

Hometown: Englewood 

High School: Biomedicine Academy at Academies @Englewood

Issues Most Passionate About: Global Health, Sexual Assault Awareness, Youth Education

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