Poornima Peiris

Poornima Peiris is an Engineer, Science Writer & STEM Advocate. As a first generation women of color in a male dominated field, she believes the importance of having empowered female role models. Growing up as an immigrant in America,  she understands the importance of representation & the power of mentors. She is a writer & member of the Scientista Foundation that encourages pre-professional women in Science, Technology, Math & Engineering. She is also the founder of Stem Corps, an initiative encouraging first generation, minority & women to pursue careers in the STEM fields. Aside from STEM pursuits, she is also an avid painter & tennis player. She has a Bachelors of Engineering from Stony Brook University & is a currently pursuing graduate studies at Harvard.

Email Address: benthota@optonline.net


Hometown: Cambridge, Massachusetts

College: Harvard 


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