Claire Schultz

I’m an American expat studying English Literature in London (yeah, English in England, I get it, too). Despite my distance, I’ve never felt so connected to home, or so powerless. I’m a fierce advocate for female superheroes, women’s rights, and cookie dough ice cream. As a Jewish (albeit super unobservant) woman, I’m scared of what’s to come, but as a writer, I’m ready to put my voice to good use. My interests include musical theatre, fencing, cats, and watching alarming amounts of Netflix. That said, I hope to one day single-handedly fix the film industry with some female action heroes. If we can start putting enough badass women where people are watching, maybe they’ll start to take notice.

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Hometown: Princeton, NJ

High School: Princeton High School ('17)

College: University College London ('19)

Issues Most Passionate About: Women's Rights/Feminism, Representation in the Media, Education, Arts

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