Leo Hochberg

Student, avid dancer, MENA studies major, aspiring peacemaker. When I’m not in Islamic studies courses, I’m probably with friends, in the dance studio, reading, or outside somewhere. Unless it’s cold and snowy. Then I promise I’ll be anywhere but the great outdoors. Simply put, I hope to fight for peace in the Middle East one day, and I’m learning all I can here at Oberlin in the meantime. I hope you enjoy my writing, which will (unsurprisingly) concern what’s going on in the Levant, Iran, and potentially other nation-states nearby. My viewpoint is uncompromisingly liberal and anti-imperialist, so if you don’t like it, pick another blog. Enjoy!

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Hometown: Kutztown, PA

High School: Westtown School

College: Oberlin College

Issues Most Passionate About: MENA Instability, Western Imperialism, Spreading Tolerance of Islam

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