Meghana Baradwaj

Meghana Bharadwaj is a freshmen at Cornell University studying government, sociology, inequalities, and public policy. After experiencing the incredible poverty and lack of opportunities for youth around the world through her travels (she has been to 78 countries), she founded Just For Kidz, a youth-run non-profit with the goal of supporting needy children worldwide. Currently, Just For Kidz is working on forming various regional chapters across the country and working to build a secondary-school classroom for over 700 poor children and orphans for Good Hope Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania.  Meghana wants to dedicate her life to advocate for social justice, equality, and human and civil rights around the world. She wishes to further understand domestic and global social inequality and justice issues and find effective methods to improve those conditions and instigate positive community change to ensure that every citizen in this globe has an equal voice, freedom, and opportunity. She hopes to utilize these aspirations to be a public servant to advocate for justice for every citizen of this globe.

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Hometown: St. Louis, MO

High School: Lafayette High School

College: Cornell University

Issues Most Passionate About: Children's Rights, Minority Rights, Civil and Human Rights, Bridging Partisan Division

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